Dubai-based Agency Guarantees At Least USD 50,000 Revenue in 45 Minutes


SOCIATE’s new programme, PROFiT ROCKiT, offers clients a way to accelerate profits with Resident Business Coach, Mike Hoff

25 May 2022, Dubai - UAE-based communications agency SOCIATE has launched its profit acceleration programme, PROFiT ROCKiT, with Mike Hoff, Founder & CEO of Mike Hoff Consulting, who also joins the team as the Resident Business Coach. With a keen understanding of the UAE’s SME landscape, SOCIATE is on a mission to help its clients not only communicate effectively but also realise bigger, better profits.

PROFiT ROCKiT taps into unexplored revenue sources that can immediately increase profits. Clients start the programme with a strategic profit breakthrough session with Mike to understand their businesses better. Afterwards, clients receive a comprehensive report and success-driven road map that is ready for implementation and designed to accelerate profits. The session guarantees to unearth at least USD 50,000 hidden revenue in just 45 minutes.

With PROFiT ROCKiT, SOCIATE will also become the only communications agency in the UAE to offer a Resident Business Coach as part of its suite of client services. In addition to working with SOCIATE, Mike also spearheads his own business, Mike Hoff Consulting. With decades of industry knowledge and expertise, he helps small and medium-sized businesses overcome their challenges and find valuable hidden revenues and profits.

Rosa Bullock, Founder and PR Guru at SOCIATE said, “My aim has always been to help businesses communicate, no matter what stage they have reached in their development. Now, SOCIATE is going one step further by offering a guaranteed way for companies to increase their profits.”

She also notes, “Cash remains a huge issue for SMEs, and with Mike joining our team, I can give our clients peace of mind. We can find the money they need in their businesses so that they can break out of the cycle of chasing unpaid invoices. There are no guarantees in PR, but with PROFiT ROCKiT, we can ensure our clients accelerate their profits in record time and guarantee a 200% ROI should they choose to engage the services.”

Positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for communications, SOCIATE’s verticals are PR, Marketing, Events and Design with featured sub-services, including Arabic translation, copywriting, and social media. With a firm belief in tailoring solutions for clients of all sizes and stages of growth, SOCIATE also offers a host of consultancy services.

For more information about SOCIATE’s PROFiT ROCKiT, please visit www.sociate.ae

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