Express Live Session of the Global PR & Communication Model 2021

Do you know The Global PR & Communication Model 2021?


Developed by Global Alliance in partnership with Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership, this model helps define the present and future of the role and value of public relations and communications management.

This model has been built with the collaborative and participatory efforts of a network of 1,400 professionals from 47 countries on five different regions. The Model aims to enable organisations and professionals worldwide to improve their leadership and business decision-making process while promoting a real and authentic connection with their stakeholders for the post-COVID-19 world.

About the Model: www.prcommsmodel.com


Workshop details


To learn more, register to attend the 30 minute express live session, which will include a video explaining the model and open Q&A with Dr Angel Alloza from Global Alliance.


Hosted by


Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management




Dr Ángel Alloza , Academic & Research Director, Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management @Global_Alliance CEO, Corporate Excellence – Centre for Reputation Leadership 


Date and Timings


18th February 3.00pm – 3.30pm GST




Via Zoom


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