Global Capability Framework Report: Building the Future Public Relations Professional in the UAE

Researchers from Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences are pleased to announce the publication of the Global Capability Framework (GCF) United Arab Emirates country report.

The GCF research project investigated the capabilities needed in the public relations and communication management profession. The research aimed to extend the initial nine-country GCF project commissioned by the Global Alliance to the UAE and the report is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

The findings of the study have significant implications for public relations and communication management practitioners. The research will help practitioners assess their own performance in the capabilities they see as important. When practitioners can self-assess, they can set professional development goals and seek resources to enhance their performance.

The research can also help employers understand which capabilities are seen as important, thus enabling them to support their team with the right resources. Employers can also use the report to review their team’s strengths, do succession planning, and draft job advertisements.

The GCF report is available online and can be accessed here.


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