Introducing TikTok Stories


Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and the very short-lived Twitter Fleets, leaves out TikTok, but not for long. TikTok is now planning to launch a new ‘stories’ feature on its viral app soon.

Why it will be launching?

When the news first broke on Twitter, everyone’s first thought was that TikTok is already a platform for short and quick videos and doesn't really require its own Stories option, so what’s the point?

A TikTok spokesperson wrote in a statement to The Verge: “Currently we’re experimenting with ways to give creators additional formats to bring their creative ideas to life for the TikTok community.”

While that stands true, right now, TikTok is experiencing a surge in user growth rates, and it has been predicted that the app will become the next billion-user social app by the end of 2021. However, one barrier that hinders TikTok’s ability to grow even further is the limited monetization opportunities. The app’s top creators don’t have a clear pathway that guides them in generating income from their uploads.

What it’s for?

The new TikTok Stories feature will allow for further displays of ad placements that were otherwise limited to in-between user clips, which is why, at this stage of growth, TikTok is looking to expand its content horizons with a view to both maximizing engagement and facilitating more ad space.

How to use it?

Displayed in a collapsible left-hand side panel in the main feed of the app, TikTok Stories enables users to tap into Stories from profiles that they follow, and tap through the Stories frames, indicated by the gray bars along the bottom of the Story display.

Contributed by

Kiera Purdue, MEPRA Strategy Board Member & Managing Partner, Sticky Ginger