Meltwater has put together an insightful guide around Influencer Marketing Trends and how best to utilize them in 2022


Our lives have dramatically changed in the last two years. We live in a dynamic and evolving society, but it’s evident that social media remains at the center of how we connect with each other and with brands.

Data & Findings of Influencer Marketing 2021

  • Sponsored Content Grew Dramatically in 2021
  • Micro Influencers Are Driving Industry Growth
  • Micro-Influencers Dominate TikTok
  • Instagram Remains Most Popular Platform, TikTok Surpases YouTube
  • Most Campaigns Incorporate Instagram Stories

Influencer Marketing Trends of 2021

  • Social Commerce: Leveraging Influencers To Drive Sales
  • FinTok: TikTok Influencers Giving Financial Advice
  • Conscious Messaging: Gender Neutrality and Influencer Marketing
  • Multi-Influencer Campaigns: Inclusivity and Diversity

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