#StayHomeWithJumeirah and focus on your health

#StayHomeWithJumeirah and focus on your health with 6 simple ways to stay fit at home with Jumeirah

With the gyms and fitness centres across the UAE currently closed, Jumeirah wants to inspire you to stay healthy and fit by following a few simple steps at home. These exercises from The J Club Director Of Fitness – Jamie Moore, have a range of benefits; from burning fat, enhancing bone, joint and muscle strength to heightening your metabolism, improving posture and boosting your mental mood.

Whether trying these moves out on your own or getting your loved ones involved, #StayHomeWithJumeirah and stay fit and healthy for a strong body and mind.

The Bodyweight Squat

This is one of the most beneficial exercises to do during this lockdown period. The Bodyweight Squat is a full-body exercise that when performed correctly will strengthen your legs, glutes, core muscles and lower back. It will increase blood flow around the body and help mobilise your hips.

How To:Stand up with your knees slightly wider than shoulder widthLower your torso/glutes while keeping your back straightPush back your hips back as you descend down

Avoid knees coming over your toes

Once you reach slightly lower than parallel, pause for 1 second

Then push yourself back up and squeeze your glutes

Keep your core engaged during the full movement

To increase the intensity of the workout, simply add a weight and hold it close to your chest while you squat. If you do not have access to gym equipment you can simply use tinned cans in the cupboards or bottles of water. To further increase the intensity and elevate your heart rate you can do dynamic jump squats.

How To:

Same as above however once you reach the bottom, explode upwards in an jump

Be careful when landing and repeat movement

Bodyweight Lunges

A lunge is a dynamic, full-body exercise that can be performed anywhere. It will strengthen your legs, core muscles, and increase your heart rate.

How To:

Step forward with one foot and place one metre in front

Starting at the hips, lower your rear knee toward the ground

Slowly drop until your legs are both at 90 degree angles, which will happen just before your knee touches the ground

Pause for 1 second at the bottom of the movement

Push through your front heel back up to standing

Keep your core engaged and shoulders back during the full movement

To increase the challenge, similar to the Bodyweight Squat you can add a weight while doing the lunges. Intensity can be further increased by doing dynamic jump lunges.

How To:

Same as above however once you reach the bottom, explode upwards and switch legs in the air

Be careful when landing and repeat movement


Push-ups are a challenging exercise for the upper body and core. For beginners, either start with your knees on the floor or use a raised surface such as a table or countertop. To make the exercise harder, try a full form push up and begin in a plank position, lowering chest to floor. For an added challenge, mix up your hand positions after each set (moving them further apart, or closer together, for example).

If you wish to increase the intensity and elevate your heart rate, try doing dynamic push-ups: take it to the next level and try to clap in between each rep.


Planks are a great exercise to stimulate the whole body and particularly help to strengthen the core and lower back.

How To:Begin in the plank prone position with your forearms and toes on the floor

Lift knees six inches off the ground, keep your core tight and braced

Keep body straight from head to heels,

Keep head relaxed looking at the floor

Regulate and control your breathing

During the plank be sure to keep control of your breathing and maintain a solid posture at all times. Mix these up and add in side planks too.

Try for 30 seconds at a time, increasing the time to build up strength.

To further challenge yourself, lift one leg up during each set. This will challenge your stability strength to the max.

Simple Stretches

Often overlooked, stretches are an important part of muscle care and overall health. Perform each of the stretches below for 15-20 seconds and repeat three times. Focus on breathing – inhaling and exhaling with the movements.

  • Hamstring stretch:

How To:Sit down on a mat or floor legs straight

Bend forward from your waist as far as possible while keeping your legs straight.Try and touch your toes if possible

  • Quad stretch:

How To:Lay on your sideBend top leg and hold footPull heel towards glutes and push hips forward

  • Shoulder extensions:

How To:Sit on floor/mattHands shoulder width apart, elbows lockedScoot feet/hips out, lowering shoulders down towards groundGo as far as you can to obtain a good stretch

Be mindful of the elbows with this stretchSlow and controlled thoughout

  • Cobra pose:

How To:Lie in a prone position on the floor or on a mattPlace palms under your shouldersPush your arms up, arching your backKeep hips and lower body on the floor

Feel the stretch and hold

  • Child’s pose:

How To:Lie in a prone position on the floor or on a mattSit back on your heels, separate your knees hip width apartExhale, bringing your head down, rest head on the floor in front of youPlace your arms stretched out in front of youRelax and breathe, holding this pose


During this period, it is very easy to relax and forget about maintaining good posture. Especially if you are sitting down for long periods. Make sure you move around your home (either doing exercise, walking around your home or stretching etc.) every three hours to keep regular blood flow and an active metabolism. To help with your posture try regular shoulder roles and neck roles to avoid your shoulder and neck muscles from tightening up.

** Please consult a healthcare professional before commencing any new fitness routine.

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